Rainbow Light Effect!

This is a Really Cool Toy!
The Rainbow Light Effect Whirly Wheel is the best on the planet!

Actual Customer Review

6 Years and Still Works like New

Bought a bunch of these in 2011 to pass out to kids while stationed in Afghanistan.. They went crazy over these. I kept one for myself and still have it. The thing still works lights and all. I use it as a stress reliever at work… Nice.
NK- June 2017

Product Information

Whirly Wheel

Item #WW100
Packed 48 / Cs
Colors: Sold Assorted
UPC # 6-71739-70077-6

Attention: If you are a retailer that is OK selling an inferior product then their product is for you. If you want happy customers that continue to come back looking for the Whirly Wheel, then OURS is for you.

The Whirly Wheel in Action!

leadingedgeWhirly Wheel